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  • Extensible HyperText Markup type [XHTML] 1.1 support. specification.
  • Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 [CSS2] support. specification.
  • mod_perl. download.
  • common sense: make sure your server supports perl, rename file extention to cgi, and change perl path (1st line in file) if needed.
List Perl Modules. download.
a brilliant peice of code to list perl modules installed on a system courtesy of tek-tips rab54!
Sendmail. download.
sends an html formatted message. remove the Content-type line from the email if you want to send a plain text message. this code does not support attachments.
ErrorDocument Override URL Redirection. download.
does a search based upon REQUEST_URI for an agent profile or residential homes by zip, mls, or address. although originally written for real estate, this can easily be modified for many other purposes.
File List Generator. download.
creates a web page containing a list of links to files in a specified directory on the server. See source code for details.
VCard3 Generator. download.
Generates an electronic business card in VCard3 format. See source code for details.